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Lower Back Pain Therapy in Nyack NY

Looking for lower back pain therapy in Nyack NYtt gets results?

Debilitating back pain can make life miserable, isn’t that so? Maybe it is time to try something new. ABC chiropractic has helped many people with their back spasms. Is our lower back pain therapy in Nyack NY for you?

Notice what Lori had to say about ABC chiropractic and Dr. Bruce Ruderman of Nyack.

“Doctor Ruderman gave me my mobility back and hence my life. I had a back injury that disrupted the quality of my life for over ten years. Prior to seeing Doctor Ruderman, my back would go into spasm at the smallest thing such as sitting in the wrong chair at a restaurant or taking a walk around the lake. Because of this, I lost musculature and strength in every part of my body and it became a vicious circle of trying to get stronger but then putting my back out. I walked like a brick wall as one masseuse put it. My lower back was completely locked up like a plate and I was told that it was fused and wouldn’t change.

I worked with many practitioners each offering some relief but no underlying healing occurred. In ten years I visited two Accupuncture/shiatsu doctors, 6 chiropractors, 3 massage therapists and had two rounds of physical therapy. I also went to Pilates 5 days a week. Each thing helped a bit. But I still could not sit at a desk or go for long or even short car rides without going into spasm for several weeks. I was delicate and cautious.

By accident, I found Doctor Ruderman. I was attracted to the words Structural Correction on his card. I knew that something was really wrong with my structure. Reluctantly, I let Doctor Ruderman begin to work on me. He was kind, patient and very caring. He inspired so much confidence in me because he himself had been healed by the same techniques. I related to him as we both had been unable to touch the floor or pick anything up off the floor for years. And instantly things began to improve. I didn’t tell him that I could barely breathe at times, thinking I was developing asthma. He gave me my air and breath back in two sessions.

Over time, everything came back to me–My mobility, fluidity and ability to dance like I did when a child. Eventually, I was able to ride a road bike and competed in triathlon and even biked the Gran Fondo hilly 65 mile race. I love to move and Doctor Ruderman has allowed me to pursue my dreams. I work out with heavy weights daily now, swim, bike, jog, play basketball and dance. There are no constraints on what I can do. I am free in my mobility to hike, climb, do anything I want. Thank you Doctor Ruderman from the bottom of my heart. For without you, I would have remained old for my age, and now I feel 30 years younger than I am. Doctor Ruderman has the qualities of a true healer–he is beyond gifted as a doctor, and has the heart and soul of an angel who really cares deeply about his patients. Thank you so very much for reading my story. I wrote it because I don’t want anyone to suffer as I did when there is a solution.”


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