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What is Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC)?

A simple idea – the body will self correct any structural shift unless there are no muscles pulling in the direction needed to make the correction.



Often the best ideas are the simplest.  By understanding how the body works from a mechanical perspective, the ABC technique was designed to best correct its mechanical problems.  If you restore the spine to its normal position, the secondary conditions (headaches, pain, sciatica, etc.) will begin to disappear.

Structural misalignment, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, is responsible for 97.1% of back pain in this country.

Advanced Biostructural Correction is a protocol for treating the structure of the body that allows it to find its own way home without forcing it into place. It simply unwinds like a rubber band in a child’s toy and continues until there is nothing left to unwind. The way it was when you were young. The results leave you pain free, with decreased post exercise recovery time, while providing increased flexibility, deeper and easier breathing, visible postural improvement, and a general sense of ease.

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 But does it work?

The test was: would it work to improve bodies consistently and predictably. After years of treating thousands of people the answer is… YES! As long as the pain was not due to cancer, fractures, infections or the like, ALL people seemed to receive consistent and predictable benefits.