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How is ABC Different from Chiropractic Care?

We can all agree that the body is an amazing, self-healing organism. The main difference between the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) chiropractic method and traditional chiropractic is the direction in which we adjust the bones.

Traditional chiropractic dictates that if there is any interference in how the nervous system is working, the body loses its ability to heal and self-regulate. These interferences, called subluxations, are what traditional chiropractors seek to remove.

Anterior-Head-Syndrome-ABC-Can-HelpDuring ABC adjustments, we do NOT adjust things that your spine or body can already fix on its own. Fixing those misalignments actually dislodges compensations that your skeleton needs. That’s why chiropractic can seem to yield unpredictable results in that some people who get traditional adjustments feel great after having the compensations removed, while other patients are left unstable and can feel even more pain than when they entered their chiropractor’s office.


With ABC, only the layer of problems that a patient presents with that day are removed. It’s a very different, comprehensive adjustment technique that addresses the ribs, spine, legs, hips, feet and the covering of the spinal cord (called the meninges, pronounced men-in-gees).

ABC has identified the specific set of structural circumstances that are the basis of most physical degenerative conditions. Physical ailments are often layered, sequentially, one on top of the other. Therefore, they must be removed in the proper sequence, which we term “unwinding”.

Feeling PinchedThe simple and straightforward ABC protocol is like having the solution to a Rubik’s cube, a roadmap to full-body wellness. This powerful and unique system is the only one we are aware of that corrects body structure predictably and consistently.

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