ABC Chiropractor in Nyack Serving New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Chiropractic with a Purpose

There are three basic groups of patients on whom we focus this highly effective method of chiropractic, Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC).

The first group is comprised of people who suffer Anterior Head Syndrome. This is a primary structural condition where the head sits forward of normal position and causes many types of secondary conditions such as muscle tension, headaches, neck, shoulder, and back pain, shocks to the arm, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, and many more. Positive results are not only felt as secondary conditions diminish, but are seen as digital photography documents postural improvement.

The second group is comprised of children and young adults suffering scoliosis and kyphosis (or hunched back). This can be accompanied by pain or discomfort, but not always. These problems can be from varied causes, but often are caused or made worse by heavy backpacks, and many hours at the computer, video terminal or TV. Untreated, these deformities do not go away and sometimes even worsen with time. Structural treatment for these problems usually yields fast and long lasting results for these children as they immediately begin to look and feel better.

The third group is athletes. Especially elite and competitive athletes, but even the weekend warrior. Our practice includes state champions as well as nationally and internationally ranked triathletes, swimmers, cyclists, runners, kayakers, handball, and squash players among others. The unique results seen in our patients is both predictable and consistent. Some of the common improvements are decreased pain and recovery time with increased flexibility, stamina, and most importantly, breathing capacity. Most all of our competitive athletes have reported taking seconds to minutes off their personal best times while feeling stronger and more capable.

All patients in our practice are treated like a member of the family. We provide our patients the highest level of care and service.

Finally, our expertise is second to none. After being asked to join the instructor staff of the Institute for Advanced Biostructural Correction in August 2009, Dr Ruderman has just been given the honor of being appointed one of a handful of instructor trainers worldwide.

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