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After all, its your body isn’t it? If you are tired of the pain maybe its also time for a change. Dr. Bruce Ruderman, is a chiropractor in Rockland county.

What makes Dr. Bruce different from other chiropractors in Nyack?

Of course it is the ABC protocol. You can learn more about the ABC chiropractic protocol here. We believe you will see a difference from your very FIRST visit.

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Read why our clients think Dr. Bruce is the best chiropractor in Rockland County.

Nyack chiropractor ABC Review

Mitch gives us his 5 star Nyack chiropractor ABC review.

If you would like to see how ABC can help you to gain your freedom again contact us for a free phone consultation. Dr. Bruce Ruderman, your Nyack chiropractor is looking forward to help you gain your independence again from back pain.

Lower Back Pain Therapy in Nyack NY

Looking for lower back pain therapy in Nyack NYtt gets results?

Debilitating back pain can make life miserable, isn’t that so? Maybe it is time to try something new. ABC chiropractic has helped many people with their back spasms. Is our lower back pain therapy in Nyack NY for you?

Notice what Lori had to say about ABC chiropractic and Dr. Bruce Ruderman of Nyack.

“Doctor Ruderman gave me my mobility back and hence my life. I had a back injury that disrupted the quality of my life for over ten years. Prior to seeing Doctor Ruderman, my back would go into spasm at the smallest thing such as sitting in the wrong chair at a restaurant or taking a walk around the lake. Because of this, I lost musculature and strength in every part of my body and it became a vicious circle of trying to get stronger but then putting my back out. I walked like a brick wall as one masseuse put it. My lower back was completely locked up like a plate and I was told that it was fused and wouldn’t change.

I worked with many practitioners each offering some relief but no underlying healing occurred. In ten years I visited two Accupuncture/shiatsu doctors, 6 chiropractors, 3 massage therapists and had two rounds of physical therapy. I also went to Pilates 5 days a week. Each thing helped a bit. But I still could not sit at a desk or go for long or even short car rides without going into spasm for several weeks. I was delicate and cautious.

By accident, I found Doctor Ruderman. I was attracted to the words Structural Correction on his card. I knew that something was really wrong with my structure. Reluctantly, I let Doctor Ruderman begin to work on me. He was kind, patient and very caring. He inspired so much confidence in me because he himself had been healed by the same techniques. I related to him as we both had been unable to touch the floor or pick anything up off the floor for years. And instantly things began to improve. I didn’t tell him that I could barely breathe at times, thinking I was developing asthma. He gave me my air and breath back in two sessions.

Over time, everything came back to me–My mobility, fluidity and ability to dance like I did when a child. Eventually, I was able to ride a road bike and competed in triathlon and even biked the Gran Fondo hilly 65 mile race. I love to move and Doctor Ruderman has allowed me to pursue my dreams. I work out with heavy weights daily now, swim, bike, jog, play basketball and dance. There are no constraints on what I can do. I am free in my mobility to hike, climb, do anything I want. Thank you Doctor Ruderman from the bottom of my heart. For without you, I would have remained old for my age, and now I feel 30 years younger than I am. Doctor Ruderman has the qualities of a true healer–he is beyond gifted as a doctor, and has the heart and soul of an angel who really cares deeply about his patients. Thank you so very much for reading my story. I wrote it because I don’t want anyone to suffer as I did when there is a solution.”


Nyack chiropractor reviews – RateMDS

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Here is a review from, notice what the patient had to say about our Nyack chiropractor, Dr. Bruce Ruderman.


This 5 star review said:

“Dr. Ruderman is a gifted healer and wonderful person to work with. The Advanced Structural Chiropractic method works great. My mother and my sister have bad backs, and have had their backs “out..” Even when I was pregnant with twins, I had no back problems, thanks to Dr. Bruce. I still go for “tune-ups” and my children go, too. The twins are 3 1/2 years old and also benefit tremendously from his work. And they always give him a big hug afterwards- that says it all.”

Thanks for being such great patients!

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Bruce Ruderman Reviews on Healthgrades

Healthgrades Reviews for Dr. Bruce Ruderman DC

Reviews for Advanced Structural Chiropractic Nyack NY

Here is a 5 star review from Gary.

“I have been seeing Dr Ruderman for over two years and he has been a lifesaver. The method he uses is the most effective of any chiropractor I have seen in helping to reverse the back trouble I had been experiencing over the years. He is thorough and has a great understanding of the methodology he practices . Plus he is also warm and caring person. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” – Gary boxer in south orange , nj | Dec 22, 2016

Are you looking for a chiropractor in Nyack you can trust?
Feel free to contact us and ask any questions you have about Dr. Bruce Ruderman.

Google reviews for Advanced Structural Chiropractic & Bruce Ruderman

Advanced Structural Chiropractic Google Reviews

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Google reviews for Advanced Structural Chiropractic of Nyack NY

Frozen shoulder pain in Nyack Ny

Are you living with shoulder pain in Nyack, NY?

If you are suffering with shoulder pain and live in the greater Nyack, NY area then please listen to what one of our patients had to say.

Donna was a waitress. Imagine trying to lift and carry those heavy plates of food with a frozen shoulder. You know exactly how she felt, don’t you?

Donna was desperate for help so reached out to her Nyack chiropractor.

Donna shares with us, “Dr. Ruderman is a godsend. When I first met Dr. Ruderman I had a severe case of frozen shoulder. A waitress by profession, I was unable to work for 6 months. The slightest movement caused my right shoulder to scream with pain and I was unable to touch my stomach with my hand. I did physical therapy twice a week, tried acupuncture and various other treatments with no success. Someone referred me to Dr. Ruderman. He explained that the source of my trouble was the meninges in my back. Because I was so tight, the process of unwinding was slow-going at first, but under Dr. Bruce’s care, I soon started loosening up and made a full recovery! If you’re in pain or out of whack I heartily recommend Dr. Ruderman!”

Did you notice that the cause of the problem was not even in her shoulder? We invite you to contact the office to see how ABC chiropractics can help your frozen shoulder feel better too.

Yelp reviews for Advanced Structural Chiropractic

Yelp reviews for Advanced structural chiropractic of Nyack NY Iframe.

Please read the reviews for our Nyack chiropractor office.

“I went to Dr. Bruce because of posture problems. What I didn’t realize is the overall affect that his sessions would have on my health. Not only has my posture improved dramatically after only four sessions, but my breathing has improved and so has my energy. I am looking forward to continuing and seeing the long term affects – Dr Bruce’s knowledge is amazing, and so his very warm, welcoming disposition.” – Ruby of Newton Mass

“I have had terrible neck problems since I was in my teens. I have tried numerous alternative treatments and many different Chiropractors,and by far Dr Bruce is AMAZING! I know you must be saying how is he different from the rest? but his technique is so effective all I can say is give it a try and you will be amazed. He is warm compassionate and just wants you to feel better and will work with you and whatever condition you have.  I went the first time and immediately noticed a difference. Immediately, I felt clearer lighter taller and happy truly happy. I am blessed to have finally found someone that truly listens and someone who  can  finally help me. – Ellice L. of Closter, NJ


“Dr. Ruderman is a gifted healer and wonderful person to work with.  The Advanced Structural Chiropractic method works great.  My mother and my sister have bad backs, and have had their backs “out..”  Even when I was pregnant with twins, I had no back problems, thanks to Dr. Bruce.  I still go for “tune-ups” and my children go, too.  The twins are 3 1/2 years old and also benefit tremendously from his work.  And they always give him a big hug afterwards- that says it all.” – BH from West Nyack, NY

can a chiropractor help with sciatica – Nyack Ny


Sciatic nerve pain can be treated with various adjustments and therapies recommended by your chiropractor in Nyack. Treat your sciatic nerve pain with advice from a practicing chiropractor in this free video on chiropractic treatments.