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ABC Chiropractic Reviews

We make the changes others just talk about!…and Dr. Bruce’s patients agree. Improve your structure. Improve the quality of your life.

“Hundreds of tough races and multiple crashes left me pretty banged up. In just two months, Dr. Bruce has helped me tremendously, more energy, better recovery and, overall, I feel better than ever… His treatments really work!!”

– Jon Raheb, 2008 NJ Cat 3 Road Race Champion, 2009 NJ Masters Road Race Champion

“Dr. Ruderman’s structural work has given me the ability to train to become an endurance athlete; something I believed would never happen. My posture has completely improved, my breathing is easy and comfortable. I have no neck pain or stiffness when riding on a more extreme road bike and, to my complete surprise, my medium grade bow-leggedness has almost disappeared.”

– Lori Sash-Gail, Photographer, Dog Trainer, Former Dancer (Bikes 50 miles, Swims 1 mile, Runs 3!)

“Prior to treatment, I suffered for 8 months with plantar fasciitis, within 2 months I was completely pain free and my arthritic thumbs which felt weak, now have full strength. But most importantly, my aerobic performance for racing and training improved substantially.”

– Jeanette Shelow-MacDougall, World Class All-American Triathelete, Training Director at Toga Fitness Center, Swim Coach for NYSA, Personal Trainer

“I know where I was physically and where I am now physically. My improvement has been extremely positive and physical ability increased. At 77 years of age and a battered body, Dr. Ruderman had done his very best to restore me to a physical state where I can function on my own.”

– Ralph E. Santoliquido

“I began seeing Dr. Bruce about three years ago for chronic hip pain and poor posture. After three months of ABC treatment, my hip pain – which had been an issue since my teenage years – was completely resolved. I was astounded! Despite about ten hours a day working at a computer, my posture has improved each month as well, to the point where people have noticed and comment that I stand & walk much more upright, and don’t slouch forward. I feel great!”

– Kelly L. Campbell