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Frozen shoulder pain in Nyack Ny

Are you living with shoulder pain in Nyack, NY?

If you are suffering with shoulder pain and live in the greater Nyack, NY area then please listen to what one of our patients had to say.

Donna was a waitress. Imagine trying to lift and carry those heavy plates of food with a frozen shoulder. You know exactly how she felt, don’t you?

Donna was desperate for help so reached out to her Nyack chiropractor.

Donna shares with us, “Dr. Ruderman is a godsend. When I first met Dr. Ruderman I had a severe case of frozen shoulder. A waitress by profession, I was unable to work for 6 months. The slightest movement caused my right shoulder to scream with pain and I was unable to touch my stomach with my hand. I did physical therapy twice a week, tried acupuncture and various other treatments with no success. Someone referred me to Dr. Ruderman. He explained that the source of my trouble was the meninges in my back. Because I was so tight, the process of unwinding was slow-going at first, but under Dr. Bruce’s care, I soon started loosening up and made a full recovery! If you’re in pain or out of whack I heartily recommend Dr. Ruderman!”

Did you notice that the cause of the problem was not even in her shoulder? We invite you to contact the office to see how ABC chiropractics can help your frozen shoulder feel better too.

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